I guess I’ll just see what happens

I’m nervous about Therapy this evening. It’s because I haven’t seen her for a couple of weeks, then after tonight I’m not going to see her for another couple of weeks because of Easter. So part of me is like, what’s the point? Also, so much has happened in the last couple of weeks that… Continue reading I guess I’ll just see what happens


Favourite Questions

I’m dying the most slow, boring death ever. I think I need to do something dangerous to see if there’s any fight left in me at all. I walk down the dark streets alone at night with my headphones on and I dare somebody to try and take my bag. I cross the roads without… Continue reading Favourite Questions

“How was therapy?”

This question is irritating and saddening in equal measure. Irritating because a part of you wants to go something like: ‘How was it? It was therapy. It was tiring, I was emotional, I feel like my outer shell has been ripped off and my fragile inner workings have been all twisted and inspected and picked… Continue reading “How was therapy?”