DYCP – Blog 4: JAGUAR KIN pt.1- A poem becomes a song…

The seed for this collaborative project was planted at the end of April. I met up with friend and fellow writer, Oluwafemi Hughes Jonas (aka Femi), who had also been a part of the Tenebrae: Lessons Learnt In Darkness project (see my last blog for more info) for Brighton Festival. Although we’d been in the… Continue reading DYCP – Blog 4: JAGUAR KIN pt.1- A poem becomes a song…


Tenebrae: Lessons Learnt in Darkness (for Brighton Festival)

I was honoured to be selected as one of the fifteen commissioned writers for this Brighton Festival project! On May 22nd, from dawn until dusk, the Theatre Royal will be taken over by a soundscape installation - which you can read more about on the festival website. The installation has been worked on by a… Continue reading Tenebrae: Lessons Learnt in Darkness (for Brighton Festival)

DYCP – Blog 3: Writers Place Poets & Tenebrae

For the first six weeks of my activity time, I was continuing with Writers Place Poets (run by New Writing South and facilitated by Sea Sharp) which I started in October 2020. A group of ten of us “gentle poets” (as Sea addressed us in group emails) met once a month for 6 months. Each… Continue reading DYCP – Blog 3: Writers Place Poets & Tenebrae

Radio features, 2020

Continuing along the end of year round-up vibes of my last few blog posts, I realised I'd not linked to the radio shows I've featured on throughout the year... In the summer, I met Helen Brown, aka Dog In The Snow. We connected online, after realising we'd experienced racist behaviour and micro-aggressions from the same… Continue reading Radio features, 2020

‘Hope & Laundry’ – a poetic zine

Hope & Laundry is a zine about searching for change in the laundrettes of Brighton & Hove. It’s about following fear to find hope. Born out of connections made with dozens of customers and laundrette workers, Hope & Laundry is inspired by different conversations and encounters around, and about, the city’s laundrettes.

Sick and Tired

'Sick and Tired' is a collaborative project between Josephine and DJ Riphco, with guest vocals from Mileva and Jerry.

It started life as a poem, written for healing purposes about 18 months ago, and features a sample of Fannie Lou Hamer in 1964 - "We are sick and tired of being sick and tired."

Hidden Sussex

One summer evening at the Women of Colour group I go to, I had the pleasure of meeting Amy Solis from Writing our Legacy, an organisation who support and connect BAME writers in the South East. Over winter, Writing our Legacy has been running workshops in collaboration with different writers - giving BAME people a… Continue reading Hidden Sussex