Journey to HitchFest 2017

PREPARATION: I had an afternoon in Brighton to get last minute bits and bobs and was feeling fragile after being obligated to attend a last minute event in London the night before involving free cocktails. Several people at this event had wanted to know if I was taking any pepper spray or a rape alarm… Continue reading Journey to HitchFest 2017


Day 3

After a morning tea and chat with our lovely Couchsurfing host, we said our goodbyes and headed to catch a bus to Guildford. We’d picked our destination because it was the furthest we could get with the £20 we’d acquired yesterday and after a quick search online, it seemed like it should be easy to… Continue reading Day 3

The thing with taking the scenic route…

(This blog was originally published on Pudding Shop - a blog for women who travel) Growing up in the depths of rural West Cornwall got me used to taking long journeys at an early age. When I was little, the journey to Plymouth felt like going abroad and London felt like visiting another planet. As a… Continue reading The thing with taking the scenic route…