Please read this first

11/05/2017 A WORD OF WARNING The blogs in this section were written whilst I was struggling with mental health difficulties. If you are currently struggling, please consider carefully wether it will be helpful to you to read this right now. I strongly suggest that you only read the following if you're feeling healthy and have support available incase… Continue reading Please read this first


“What does Anxiety feel like?”

The sea, the sea, get to the sea. The sea will get me away from me. Don’t look anyone in the eye, they’ll know, they’ll know. Don’t open your mouth, you might scream forever and never stop. Just go to the sea. My head was spinning like the children had been. ‘I just spun around… Continue reading “What does Anxiety feel like?”

“How was therapy?”

This question is irritating and saddening in equal measure. Irritating because a part of you wants to go something like: ‘How was it? It was therapy. It was tiring, I was emotional, I feel like my outer shell has been ripped off and my fragile inner workings have been all twisted and inspected and picked… Continue reading “How was therapy?”