Black America bookazine

Continuing on from my recent blog post, the other Future Bookazines publication I worked on towards the end of last year was called 'Black America'. I contributed six articles in total. Firstly, I wrote four short pieces on Phillis Wheatley, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou, Black Cowboys and Uncle… Continue reading Black America bookazine


Legacy & Lasting Impact

At the end of last year, I worked with Future Bookazines again on a couple of bookazines.  First up was this piece - 'Legacy & Lasting Impact: An exploration into the lasting legacies of more than 400 years of transatlantic trafficking of enslaved African people.'  - part of a whole bookazine about the 'history of… Continue reading Legacy & Lasting Impact

The Story of Bob Marley

The Story of Bob Marley by Future Bookazines It was a joy to work with Future Bookazines again earlier this year, on a special Story of Bob Marley bookazine. Teenage me would not have believed that one day somebody would pay me to listen to and write about Bob Marley! The bookazine is filled with… Continue reading The Story of Bob Marley

Black Icons

Earlier in the year, I got involved with a Black Icons project with Future Bookazines.Future make regular bookazines on all sorts of subjects, including history, science, lifestyle and travel. I'm looking forward to working with them again in the future :) For Black Icons, it was a joy to write about Nelson Mandela and Jean-Michel… Continue reading Black Icons