Marc Nicholas

For a taster of Marc Nicholas’ work, here’s Rimmel.  The lyrics are comprised of slogans and statistics used by Rimmel London… and are accompanied by stills from their adverts that we found particularly entertaining:

Josephine Hall and Michaela Powell met in the autumn of 2008 whilst both studying Art & Creative Writing at Bath Spa University; a year later, they undertook the decision to embark on a collaborative project, which quickly took the form of Marc Nicholas. Inadvertently upholding similar artistic values to the Fluxus art movement of the 60s, Marc Nicholas’ art aims primarily to entertain. Through utilising mixed media processes, the duo present innovative concepts in a simple, lo-fi manner; representing the artistic philosophy of ‘art for the every man’ in a modern style that aspires to encourage every onlookers’ creativity.  Humour is often a key element of Marc Nicholas’ work, with the subject of popular culture frequently providing a springboard for their unique form of satire. Presented through a range of artistic disciplines that include video, music, text and performance the duo borrow influences from unexpected sources in order to make their audience rethink their view of the society in which we live. Later branching out into exclusively musical performances, Marc Nicholas have performed their unconventional and self-mocking blend of music and found-poetry at a range of venues.

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