Is this the Future?

“I think growing up in communes gives you a sense of knowing that there are different ways to organise society. As a child, you begin to realise that there are different experiments. The world you live in isn’t given, it’s created, it’s a construct. And it gives you a sense, I think, as an adult, that you don’t necessarily have to accept the way things are, and you can do things differently. Or you might accept them because you feel safe. But you know that they’re made and that they can be unmade.”
(Sean Gaston, 2010)

What is an intentional community? Why choose to live this way? How does a community function? Who can benefit from this lifestyle? What can be gained from communal living? Is it an achievable way of living for anybody?

Over two years Josephine Hall conducted several interviews and visited three intentional communities, documenting her findings along the way. A collage of fictionalised personal accounts, interviews and investigative essays, Is this the Future? is a frank and compassionate exploration into the subject of communal living.

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Researching communal living naturally led on to learning more about living with a minimal environmental impact – as desires to be self-sustainable or more in touch with nature are often factors for people choosing a communal way of life. After publishing Is this the Future? in 2012 I continued my investigation, visiting eco-villages and other sustainable projects in France and Spain.

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