In Conversation with Salena Godden

On the 23rd March 2022, I was very lucky to be invited to be part of an 'In Conversation' event with one of my favourite authors and poets - Salena Godden! Organised in collaboration with Writing Our Legacy, Hastings Library hosted us - the very library that Salena used to visit as a child.… Continue reading In Conversation with Salena Godden

Legacy & Lasting Impact

At the end of last year, I worked with Future Bookazines again on a couple of bookazines.  First up was this piece - 'Legacy & Lasting Impact: An exploration into the lasting legacies of more than 400 years of transatlantic trafficking of enslaved African people.'  - part of a whole bookazine about the 'history of… Continue reading Legacy & Lasting Impact

DYCP-Blog 7: Does it Feel Right To You? (sonic journeying with Cherelle Sappleton)

Cherelle and I met when we both took part in The Colour Green Lab - a 4-part digital programme, led by Farah Ahmed for Julie’s Bicycle (as part of the Arts Council England environmental sustainability programme) between January and March. The Colour Green Lab was a knowledge and skills programme, to support and empower Black… Continue reading DYCP-Blog 7: Does it Feel Right To You? (sonic journeying with Cherelle Sappleton)

DYCP-Blog 6: Some thoughts on planning a novel…

A large part of my DYCP application was about me having the time to create a detailed plan for my first - *gulp!* - novel. I’d decided to approach this by working my way through the Writers HQ online course called Plotstormers, taking advantage of the generous sponsorship I’d been awarded which gave me a… Continue reading DYCP-Blog 6: Some thoughts on planning a novel…

DYCP -Blog 5: JAGUAR KIN, pt.2 – Filming a video with Thirty10Arts & Blk Diamond Dance

My preliminary meetings with Munya Muchati at Thirty10Arts were so incredibly helpful with guiding me in how to plan the video effectively so that the filming day would run as smoothly as possible. He talked me through the things I needed to think about in order to write a detailed Creative Brief for a film project.… Continue reading DYCP -Blog 5: JAGUAR KIN, pt.2 – Filming a video with Thirty10Arts & Blk Diamond Dance

DYCP – Blog 4: JAGUAR KIN pt.1- A poem becomes a song…

The seed for this collaborative project was planted at the end of April. I met up with friend and fellow writer, Oluwafemi Hughes Jonas (aka Femi), who had also been a part of the Tenebrae: Lessons Learnt In Darkness project (see my last blog for more info) for Brighton Festival. Although we’d been in the… Continue reading DYCP – Blog 4: JAGUAR KIN pt.1- A poem becomes a song…

The Story of Bob Marley

The Story of Bob Marley by Future Bookazines It was a joy to work with Future Bookazines again earlier this year, on a special Story of Bob Marley bookazine. Teenage me would not have believed that one day somebody would pay me to listen to and write about Bob Marley! The bookazine is filled with… Continue reading The Story of Bob Marley

Tenebrae: Lessons Learnt in Darkness (for Brighton Festival)

I was honoured to be selected as one of the fifteen commissioned writers for this Brighton Festival project! On May 22nd, from dawn until dusk, the Theatre Royal will be taken over by a soundscape installation - which you can read more about on the festival website. The installation has been worked on by a… Continue reading Tenebrae: Lessons Learnt in Darkness (for Brighton Festival)

The Jam Box: Episodes 1-5

It turned out that The Jam Box was destined to only have a short lifetime. But it was fun while it lasted! I enjoyed making radio and hope to be back on your airwaves sometime soon, but for now am focussing on other creative projects as part of my ACE funded development time. Each episode… Continue reading The Jam Box: Episodes 1-5

Developing My Creative Practice – Thanks to ACE funding!

*new full blog posts coming soon* Back in December, my Arts Council England application for the Developing Your Creative Practice fund was successful! I'm still pinching myself! But have also been working hard on some exciting new projects... You can 'follow' my blog to be notified when I publish new posts. Soon, I'll be sharing… Continue reading Developing My Creative Practice – Thanks to ACE funding!