The Jam Box: Episodes 1-5

It turned out that The Jam Box was destined to only have a short lifetime. But it was fun while it lasted! I enjoyed making radio and hope to be back on your airwaves sometime soon, but for now am focussing on other creative projects as part of my ACE funded development time. Each episode… Continue reading The Jam Box: Episodes 1-5

The Jam Box

If you read my last blog about last years' radio appearances and how much I enjoyed them, you can imagine my excitement when Iain from Slack City Radio got in touch and asked if I'd like to do a show! It was just the kick up the bum me and Louise (creator of The Good… Continue reading The Jam Box

Radio features, 2020

Continuing along the end of year round-up vibes of my last few blog posts, I realised I'd not linked to the radio shows I've featured on throughout the year... In the summer, I met Helen Brown, aka Dog In The Snow. We connected online, after realising we'd experienced racist behaviour and micro-aggressions from the same… Continue reading Radio features, 2020