From ECOlonie, to Toulouse, to the French Pyrenees!

One of the things we didn't realise about ECOlonie before arriving was the no mobile phone rule. The site is free from radiation so there is also no wifi and I had an interesting talk with one long-term volunteer, Robin, about it all. Robin holds the magic bit of equipment which can tell if a… Continue reading From ECOlonie, to Toulouse, to the French Pyrenees!


The earth between my toes

So I left Ireland with a 17 hour ferry journey ahead of me to France which went so much quicker than I could have hoped, thanks to brilliant sunshine for lounging on deck and mostly thanks to making a new friend from Brittany called Yannick. It also helped that Yannick seemed to know everybody on… Continue reading The earth between my toes

A little about my Irish family…

 My six weeks in Ireland flew by. I was working (through in exchange for food and accommodation at Eclipse Equestrian & Activity Centre.  I hadn't planned on going to Ireland when I was first organising my travels. The plan was to visit more community projects/sustainable living initiatives and write a follow up to 'Is… Continue reading A little about my Irish family…