Visiting Morocco with Intrepid on behalf of Black Explorer Magazine

Back in November last year, I was lucky enough to be invited on a trip to Morocco to sample Intrepid Travel's new 'Premium' tour. I was there representing The Black Explorer magazine as one of their staff writers. You can now read the full story over on The Black Explorer website - HERE I'm… Continue reading Visiting Morocco with Intrepid on behalf of Black Explorer Magazine


Black America bookazine

Continuing on from my recent blog post, the other Future Bookazines publication I worked on towards the end of last year was called 'Black America'. I contributed six articles in total. Firstly, I wrote four short pieces on Phillis Wheatley, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou, Black Cowboys and Uncle… Continue reading Black America bookazine

In Conversation with Salena Godden

On the 23rd March 2022, I was very lucky to be invited to be part of an 'In Conversation' event with one of my favourite authors and poets - Salena Godden! Organised in collaboration with Writing Our Legacy, Hastings Library hosted us - the very library that Salena used to visit as a child.… Continue reading In Conversation with Salena Godden

Legacy & Lasting Impact

At the end of last year, I worked with Future Bookazines again on a couple of bookazines.  First up was this piece - 'Legacy & Lasting Impact: An exploration into the lasting legacies of more than 400 years of transatlantic trafficking of enslaved African people.'  - part of a whole bookazine about the 'history of… Continue reading Legacy & Lasting Impact

“You Really Face Yourself Out There”: Three Black Women On Their Decision To Live ‘Off-Grid’ – for Black Ballad

Each year when March comes around, I find myself reminiscing about my year of living off-grid in Scotland, which began in March 201. So it was perfect timing to be researching this article for Black Ballad! It was so encouraging and inspiring to connect with Janine Fastina and Sinead from Aweside Farm about their experiences of… Continue reading “You Really Face Yourself Out There”: Three Black Women On Their Decision To Live ‘Off-Grid’ – for Black Ballad

Uncurling by Jaguar Kin Uncurling began as a poem called Wind Wheels Turn, written by Oluwafemi Hughes Jonas as part of the Tenebrae: Lessons Learnt in Darkness project for Brighton Festival, 2021. I reworked Oluwafemi's words into song lyrics, and developed the song further in collaboration with Oluwafemi, Riphco and Moemar (aka Cyan Sphinx – musicians and producers) and… Continue reading Uncurling by Jaguar Kin

Undone with Lydia Beardmore

Back in January, I had the pleasure of chatting with the lovely & talented Lydia Beardmore about hitchhiking - how I got into it, why I enjoy it, and a bit about what it's like as a solo brown female. Picture from my hitchhiking journey to the first ever HitchFest in Portugal, 2017 (photo taken… Continue reading Undone with Lydia Beardmore

The Colour Of Chalk

On a beautiful day last summer, I took a walk on the cliffs of Seven Sisters with Alinah Azadeh, chatting about ancestors, migration, belonging and my relationship to the sea and to edges This is the 2nd episode The Colour Of Chalk podcast, created by Alinah Azadeh- Writer-in-Residence at Seven Sisters Country Park - as part of We See… Continue reading The Colour Of Chalk

DYCP-Blog 7: Does it Feel Right To You? (sonic journeying with Cherelle Sappleton)

Cherelle and I met when we both took part in The Colour Green Lab - a 4-part digital programme, led by Farah Ahmed for Julie’s Bicycle (as part of the Arts Council England environmental sustainability programme) between January and March. The Colour Green Lab was a knowledge and skills programme, to support and empower Black… Continue reading DYCP-Blog 7: Does it Feel Right To You? (sonic journeying with Cherelle Sappleton)

DYCP-Blog 6: Some thoughts on planning a novel…

A large part of my DYCP application was about me having the time to create a detailed plan for my first - *gulp!* - novel. I’d decided to approach this by working my way through the Writers HQ online course called Plotstormers, taking advantage of the generous sponsorship I’d been awarded which gave me a… Continue reading DYCP-Blog 6: Some thoughts on planning a novel…