Black America bookazine

Continuing on from my recent blog post, the other Future Bookazines publication I worked on towards the end of last year was called ‘Black America’.

I contributed six articles in total. Firstly, I wrote four short pieces on Phillis Wheatley, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou, Black Cowboys and Uncle Tom’s Cabin. It’s really hard to write such short pieces on such big topics – so it was quite a challenge!

I also researched and wrote two longer features – one on The Rise Of Hip Hop and one on The Harlem Renaissance. You can read these two by clicking on the links below:

The Rise Of Hip Hop
The Harlem Renaissance

You can purchase the Black America bookazine in the UK from WH Smith, or from Barnes & Noble in the US.

You can also order online from 


1 thought on “Black America bookazine”

  1. Josie haven’t had time to read you in details YET ! but well done for taking on these challenges and no doubt doing it well I’m in throes of preparing for my facilitation of courses and having meetings on it with co facilitator – Phew a full time occupation for me

    I’m hoping to see you next week I HOPE so do confirm eh💖

    Lots of love fem


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