Uncurling by Jaguar Kin

Uncurling began as a poem called Wind Wheels Turn, written by Oluwafemi Hughes Jonas as part of the Tenebrae: Lessons Learnt in Darkness project for Brighton Festival, 2021. I reworked Oluwafemi’s words into song lyrics, and developed the song further in collaboration with Oluwafemi, Riphco and Moemar (aka Cyan Sphinx – musicians and producers) and Jez Clavi (lead vocalist), later adding saxophone added by Yebga Dikoba. You can read more about this process in my blog.

I then developed the visual element with Munya Muchati (Thirty10Arts) and Lya Abdoua Issa (aka Blk Diamond Dance, who also did backing vocals) – culminating in a film shoot in and around Brighton, with artistic assistance from Carolyn Baguma (Art by Mulinde). You can read more about the making of the video here.

Uncurling was first showcased on the ONCA Gallery website – here.

As a part of the ONCA showcase (November, 2021) , they also generously produced a podcast of Oluwafemi and I in conversation:

And you can now find Uncurling on Spotify:


Directors & Producers: Munya Muchati & Josephine Hall

Director of Photography: Munya Muchati / Thirty10Arts

Dancer, actor & choreographer: Lya Abdoua Issa aka Blk Diamond Dance

Makeup: Carolyn Baguma & Blk Diamond Dance

Filming Assistants: Riphco, Carolyn Baguma & Josephine Hall

Edit by: Munya Muchati & Josephine Hall

Original poem by: Oluwafemi Hughes Jonas

Reshaping into song lyrics: Josephine Hall

Music & Audio Production – Riphco and Moemar (aka @cyansphinx)

Songwriting development: Oluwafemi Hughes Jonas, Josephine Hall, Riphco, Moemar & Jez Clavi

Lead vocals: Jez Clavi

Backing vocals: Blk Diamond & Josephine Hall

Spoken word: Oluwafemi Hughes Jonas

Saxophone: Yebga Dikoba

Audio Mastering: QM Records Studio

The development of Uncurling was supported by Arts Council England.


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