The Colour Of Chalk

On a beautiful day last summer, I took a walk on the cliffs of Seven Sisters with Alinah Azadeh, chatting about ancestors, migration, belonging and my relationship to the sea and to edges

This is the 2nd episode The Colour Of Chalk podcast, created by Alinah Azadeh– Writer-in-Residence at Seven Sisters Country Park – as part of We See You Now, supported by South Downs National Park & Arts Council England.


2 thoughts on “The Colour Of Chalk”

  1. Thank you for this Josie I look forward Hope your getting stronger each day 😌🌱💛✨ Femi (Oluwafemi Hughes)


  2. Just listened to you both again Loved it the feeling the depth of experiences The relationship with each other the sea downs and urban environment And belonging etc etc LOVED it 🙏🏿 😌🌱


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