Psychology Now 3: Why Don’t We Play More?

After getting stuck into the Psychology of Racism article, Sarah from Future Bookazines got back in touch and asked if I’d be interested in writing another article – this time, about adult play.

I didn’t take much persuading! As anyone that knows me is aware, I’m pretty silly and a big kid in many ways. On some level, I always have been and just never grew up… BUT, strengthening my connection to my inner child is also something I’ve been consciously working on since my mental health breakdown in 2013. I’ve found it hugely beneficial – in terms of not only my mental health but also my relationships and so much more. I feel like our “inner child” and our “inner artist” are one and the same, so encouraging and celebrating my childlike ways – inc. doing courses and reading books such as The Artists Way, and seeking out psychotherapists that use play in their approach – also has hugely positive effects on both my creative output, and enjoyment of the process.

In the article, I talk about what adult play is, how it promotes learning, what the other benefits are and how we can insert more playfulness into our lives.

You can get a copy of Psychology Now 3 from or WH Smith (also Tesco and Asda).

It is OUT NOW and is full of articles on other interesting topics – such as jealousy, anticipation, false memories and ‘inside the mind of anti-vaxxers’. Thank you Sarah Bankes for commissioning me and being great to work with!

Hope you enjoy the article…

(click on the image below to be taken to full article)

I’d love to hear what you think in the comments… and feel free to share too!

Thank you for reading :)


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