Radio features, 2020

Continuing along the end of year round-up vibes of my last few blog posts, I realised I’d not linked to the radio shows I’ve featured on throughout the year…

In the summer, I met Helen Brown, aka Dog In The Snow. We connected online, after realising we’d experienced racist behaviour and micro-aggressions from the same people after we were both somewhat triggered when the people in question joined in with ‘black out tuesday’ (looky here for my creative response to that particular situation).

Helen presents a radio show called Mixed Tapes, celebrating new music from musicians of colour in the independent music world. It’s a really enjoyable show, full of interesting insights from Helen, great music and chats with all sorts of interesting POC in the independent music world. So I was honoured to be asked to come on the show :)

We spoke about living in Brighton, performative allyship, being mixed, making Sick and Tired, the importance of invisible work… and lots more! Check it out below:

As of January 1st 2021, Mixed Tapes can now be found on Slack City radio.

During the summertime, I also connected with artist Amy Isles Freeman who presents a Radio Reverb show called Lady Love which celebrates female and non- binary voices. She was keen to feature some of my poetry, so I sent over a few recordings and also got to choose the tracks to go between the poems! This was a whole lot of fun, and got me thinking about doing a poetry/music radio or podcast project in the future…. watch this space!

And check out the show below:

Then, in the Autumn, it was so great to chat with Chantal, founder and director of Sister Shack – a feminist black-led CIC that focuses on working with and promoting women entrepreneurs, creatives, artists, musicians and DJs.

Chantal was creating an audio project, exploring what it is be a womxn of colour in the UK. We chatted about our experiences and I shared some poems, including Sick and Tired. A bit of our chat and a couple of poems ended up in the final piece, alongside some other insightful conversation and great creative work, check it out below:

***Content Warning: people talking about experiencing racism, including hate crimes.***

Another blog coming very soon about a new exciting radio project!

Thanks for reading x


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