Black Icons

Earlier in the year, I got involved with a Black Icons project with Future Bookazines.

Future make regular bookazines on all sorts of subjects, including history, science, lifestyle and travel. I’m looking forward to working with them again in the future :)

For Black Icons, it was a joy to write about Nelson Mandela and Jean-Michel Basquiat. It was particularly great to have an excuse to re-watch Basquiat documentaries, as I’m a huge fan of his work and have a similar way of working – things spread out everywhere, loud jazz music on etc. – and I’m sure it’s no coincidence that I got back into collaging (watch this space!) around the same time I was writing this article.

As well as the two pieces I wrote, The Black Icons bookazine includes the fascinating life stories of over 40 influential Black figures from politics, art, science, sport… including Bob Marley, Maya Angelou, Serena Williams, Sojourner Truth, Usian Bolt, Mary Seacole and many more.

You can pick up a copy from WH Smiths or via the Future website, here.

And… you can read my features below!
(Click on the image to be taken to a PDF of the full article)


3 thoughts on “Black Icons”

  1. Fascinating! Clearly documented with a lot I didn’t know that I thought I knew – especially about Basquiat!

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