QDT Laundrette

illustration by Eleanor Finlay-Christensen

I’m so excited to be one of six socially engaged artists working on QDT Laundrette – a project produced by Arts organisation, Quiet Down There CIC.

My contribution to the project will take a writing focus and I’m really looking forward to engaging with local Brighton laundrette staff and customers and seeing what stories arise or what poetry appears…

As I work on this project over the next few months, I’m documenting my process regularly via the QDT Laundrette Artists blog.

You can visit mine directly here: www.qdtlaundrette-josephine.blogspot.com

But I encourage you to read the all the blogs as I’m working alongside such interesting and brilliant artists, which is really quite an honour :)

And if you live in Brighton and Hove and have any stories, thoughts or memories about laundrettes, please get in touch!

Contact me with your #laundrettestories at: 07517854916 / laundrettestories@gmail.com

laundrettecallout (1)


2 thoughts on “QDT Laundrette”

  1. I have never met another launderette enthusiast, but I have taken dirty laundry on holiday for hundreds of miles just to visit somewhere like the Cinema Launderette, Durham. Another in Bloomsbury went to far with a shop, TV, billiards and armchairs, and went bust, but I keep the T shirt. Pity that covid will prevent you having a physical exhibition of launderette art – I might have bought something!

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