Hidden Sussex

One summer evening at the Women of Colour group I go to, I had the pleasure of meeting Amy Solis from Writing our Legacy, an organisation who support and connect BAME writers in the South East.

Over winter, Writing our Legacy has been running workshops in collaboration with different writers – giving BAME people a space to write creatively on the theme of Sussex. I’ve attended quite a few and they’ve been so encouraging and inspiring, helping me to enjoy writing again like I haven’t for years.

The workshops sparked off many ideas and projects, but in the end I entered one poem into the anthology, There Are More Shells Here and I was so honoured for it to be chosen as one of the twenty-three contributors!

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Celebrating a new anthology for Sussex! Hidden Sussex: Fiction, non-fiction and poetry from the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic experience ✊🏾

There were various launches and celebrations in London and across Sussex. The photo above is from the Brighton launch where I read my poem! It’s been a long time since I’ve performed anything so I was pretty nervous but it went really well.

It was so validating and healing to be in a room of beautiful and talented black and brown people. People who look like us are still hugely underrepresented in publishing and being supported and recognised in this way is so vital.

The collection shows off some incredibly talented storytellers, poets and artists and is a real pleasure to read. So honoured to be a part of it 🙏🏾💜

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Get your copy here :)



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